Timestamp Estimation in ASR

Within the last few years, speech recognition has seen vast improvements. Widely known systems like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant have made it into our living rooms and are part of our everyday lives. In this article, we will take a closer look at how speech…

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How to improve audio recordings on your phone

Improve the sound of your voice memos or videos. First, let’s cover the basics: . Built-in Mics: Identify where your phone’s mics are located.On the bottom of the handset, where you speak, Or by the cameras.Ensure that no cases, fingers, or other paraphernalia are…

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Increasing the Variety of Artificially Generated Texts

Natural Language Generation – The Task Natural Language Generation (NLG) is the task of translating structured data into natural language. For instance, imagine that you have many structured financial data, which is hard to analyze, then you can use NLG to translate…

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Twist Bytes @Vardial 2018

schwiiz ja* This year, the SpinningBytes team participated in the VarDial competition, where we achieved second place in the German Dialect Identification shared task. The task’s goal was to identify, which region the speaker of a given sentence is from, based on the…

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How does Switzerland feel about the World Cup?

      As we are reaching the final deciding matches of this year’s world cup, Switzerland (although sadly not in the World Cup anymore!) is actively following the rest of the games. We were wondering – how did the people in Switzerland react to the…

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